Old Black — 2011

Egyptrixx feat. Ohbijou – Old Black
Directed by Andreas Nicolas Fischer
720p; 4 minutes 04 seconds;

Old Black is EgyprixxĀ“ remake of the song of the same title by the drone doom band Earth. David Psutka had already commissioned me with the video Start from the Beginning for Egyptrixx last year and I am glad he asked me again for this one. Even though Old Black and Start from the Beginning are completely different songs, I tried to stick to a similar concept and develop a bleak artifical world, which is influenced by the soundcsape. Starting out I had designed a lot more symbols and scenes, but David urged me to keep it as minimal and simple as possible.

The graphic elements are a mixture of 3d-renderings and flat 2d textures aligned in space. The video makes heavy use of particles and simulations and was made with the open source 3d software Blender, with After Effects used for particle and compositing work.

September 15th 2k11 - filed under design, generative, motion.